INDems Statement Celebrating Biden Decision to Forgive Some Student Loan Debt

Posted by on August 25, 2022 10:05 am
Categories: State News

It’s a great day to be a Democrat, because President Joe Biden announced he would forgive some student loan debt for Americans — including for many Hoosiers. This includes up to $20,000 for students who used Pell Grants and $10,000 for other borrowers earning an income under $125,000. 

The Indiana Democratic Party issued the following statement in response to this promise kept by President Biden and Democrats: 

“Generations of Hoosiers were promised a better future if they followed the rules and went to college, and they were rewarded with unshakeable and burdensome student loan debt that did nothing to create a better future for them. President Joe Biden’s decision to forgive *some* student loan debt is a promise kept and helps families combat global inflation at the same time. While Democrats continue to deliver for Hoosiers, it’s worth noting that every single Republican condemning today’s announcement had no problem supporting a $2 trillion tax cut for big corporations and the rich – a decision that added $8 trillion to the national debt.” – Drew Anderson, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party 

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