INDems Statement on Governor Holcomb Signing Permitless Cary Into Law

Posted by on March 22, 2022 10:38 am
Categories: State News

“A majority of Hoosiers told Indiana Republicans directly they opposed permitless carry. State law enforcement echoed their opposition to the measure a year after Republicans defunded their departments. But unfortunately, Governor Eric Holcomb decided to put politics ahead of protecting the safety of Hoosier families by signing permitless carry into law.

Rising crime rates will now fall directly on the Indiana Republican Party’s shoulders, because buying firearms will be like buying candy at a gas station. It’s important to stress that Democrats are doing everything possible to equip our first responders with investments needed to combat crime – thanks to the American Rescue Plan – but it appears the Indiana GOP’s culture wars will now create a reality where Hoosier families will lose loved ones due to a clearly preventable problem.” – Mike Schmuhl, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman

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