Democratic Congressional Candidate Repulsed by Donald Trump’s Endorsement of Opponent

Posted by on February 8, 2022 11:58 am
Categories: National News

Former President Donald Trump endorsed Lisa McClain on Monday, saying she is “doing a wonderful job.” It is Trump’s 15th endorsement in Michigan and only the second incumbent he’s backed in the state this election cycle. The committee to Elect Brian Jaye wishes to issue the following statement from Brian Jaye. 

“I saw today that Donald Trump endorsed my congressional opponent Lisa McClain.  I am running for Congress to make my district, and America a better place.  We need someone in Congress that will fight for all people, not just the top 1%, and special interests.  We need a fighter for the people.  Donald Trump’s endorsement just reiterates the fact Lisa McClain is just another arm of his machine to further divide America, with dangerous ideals, and false promises.  I was the first in my immediate family to attend an university, or law school.  I grew up working class surrounded by the auto plants that make America run today.  I will be a fighter for better healthcare, better educational opportunities, raising the living wage, and job development, not only in Michigan’s 9th Congressional District, but throughout America.  I was born working class, I know the working class.  I climbed from my parent’s basement into a White House level law firm, and I will have that same determination in the United States Congress, to serve all the people, not only in my District, but throughout America.  There has never been a greater time in American history for a candidate with FDR style policies, to stand, and show what a Democrat truly fights for, that is all people, from all backgrounds, for a better tomorrow in our nation.”  

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